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The High Fives- April 2018

Well hello there May, how the devil did you get here so quickly?! I could have sworn it was only just April. You've got your head firmly stuck in work-mode and before you know it a month has whizzed right past you and now the night's are finally getting lighter. YIPPEE! I'm delighted to welcome May if it means we can finally ditch the several layers of clothing and not have to put the heating on every evening. Despite blinking and what feels like missing an entire month, I have a few recommendations for April that I think are worth checking out. 


Having followed both Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin for sometime on Instagram I was excited to learn these IRL buddies were creating a podcast together called The Fringe of It. Discussing a variety of topics from body image to stress, personal style to people pleasing, their laid-back conversational approach to each subject matter makes it feel like you're having a right good natter with your mates, putting the world to rights, as it were! I particularly like the weekly telly viewing chat and an insight as to what these stylish gals have been purchasing. This podcast series is an ideal commute companion. Be sure to check it out! 

Find The Fringe of It here:


It's not everyday TV presenter and upcycling genius Max McMurdo sends you his latest book now is it?!  Upcycling Outdoors, (published by The Quarto Group) offers great ideas for creating quirky yet practical pieces for your garden from unwanted materials. A step-by-step guide with photos to help you, there's inspiration for all manner of alfresco pursuits. Got an old bike lying around? Why not transform it in to a picnic set?! Or my personal favourite, a giant domino set made from pallet wood for your next summer garden party. The perfect coffee table book this would make an excellent gift for a friend who fancies themselves as a bit of a creative recycler.  Clever ideas that require minimal tools, time and expert know-how, each project is unique and is clearly explained with handy tips peppered throughout. Now that the sun is starting to make an appearance, I'm keen to get outdoors and start building some masterpieces. 

Find Upclycling Outdoors here:


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I'm more of a Netflix chick when it comes to 'telly-time'. I tend not to tune in to anything religiously every week, opting for a documentary over a series or the soaps. However I have been hooked and a loyal devotee of Channel 4's  Escape to the Chateau and more recently Escape to the Chateau DIY France meets vintage meets DIY had me sold, with Dick Strawbridge and wife Angel Adoree (whom I have followed online from when she featured on Dragon's Den) embarking on an adventure to restore Château-de-la-Motte Husson into their new home and a wedding venue business. 45 rooms and 5 stories high this was no mean feat and with a family in tow seemingly impossible but with the abundance of skills, boundless energy and imagination they both share the dream became a reality and this series brilliantly documents each step of the way

 Escape to the Chateau DIY marks the journey of fellow château owners across France working hard to breathe life back into their dilapidated buildings. It's fascinating to learn just what is involved in such restorations but also to see what their plans for the future entail. Unearthing historical artifacts, breathtaking views, living off the land and getting your hands dirty are par for the course, with each couple or team overcoming the many obstacles they are confronted with to get one step closer to realising the transformation they are striving for. Angel and Dick also feature in this series, lending a hand and their tried and tested know-how along the way. Great viewing but be'll want to move to France and buy a château for sure! 


I have to fess up with this one and inform you that I didn't just discover Garnier Summer Body this month but have in fact been using it for a few years. However in my defence it's one of those products I rediscover around this time of year when the weather picks up an I dread exposing everyone to my pasty limbs that I've concealing over the winter months. I've become increasing lazy when it comes to self-tanning so anything that is a fuss and mess free alternative is a winner in my eyes. Following a few days in Mallorca I had so many comments on my 'sun-kissed look' which subsequently I had to attribute to my daily post-shower application of Garnier Summer Body and not the Mallorcan sunshine (that didn't come out to play until day 3!). Moisturising, easy-to apply and a lovely apricot scent to boot this is the perfect way to tan without cooking all day long on a lounger or getting the Ronseal out. All good chemists/drugstores stock it so go get your glow on before the we blink and the summer disappears for another year!


I was inspired to start taking note of the things I am thankful for each day. I think it's so easy to get bogged down with what didn't go your way of a day, negating all the lovely moments and milestones we collect without even realising. No need to get too philosophical, a gratitude list can be as long as you see fit and compiled from the seemingly mundane occurrences that you are still very grateful for. Beans on toast and a charity-shop rummage have featured on mine, alongside time with family and new creative opportunities. Anything's your list! 

I find it cathartic but also inspiring to take the time each night to look back on my day and take stock of all the good (and the not so) it has offered, to then jot it down in black and white to reflect upon. I highly recommend you give it a go. To make peace with the last 24 hours that may have seemed absolutely rotten feels very freeing. We can spend so much of our lives wishing time away trying to fast forward to the weekend, your summer holiday or when you win the lottery and I think this is the perfect way to realise there are small but never insignificant nuggets of magic in each and every day.

 And there you have it...April in a nutshell. May is proving to be rather fruitful in terms of new finds already so expect a juicy collection of High Fives in a few week's time. Enjoy discovering some of my recommendations for now and thank you again for supporting the blog!

Weesse x

Friday, 6 April 2018

Mimi’s Top Travel Tips: Barcelona

As I sit in my windowless office in the West of Scotland, I think back to mere days ago when I was sitting outside in 18 degree sunshine, drinking coffee on La Rambla after a glorious day of sight-seeing. Yep, I returned from Barcelona about a week ago and I am already missing this wonderful city. Never been before? Been but want some top tips or recommendations for a re-visit? Read on mis amigos...

Booking the Trip and Getting There

Mum and I booked our flights and accommodation through Three nights in a 4 star hotel, in a central location, including breakfast and with luggage was around £270pp. It’s worth signing up to or an equivalent cashback site, as we saved an additional £30 off our booking. We often opt for apartments when doing city breaks but when there’s just two of you travelling a hotel is often more economical. I would definitely recommend an apartment if there’s a squad of you.

 Be sure to properly read the airline’s baggage allowances and regulations. We were flying out with Norweigan Air and returning with Ryanair and each of their baggage policies are slightly different- just as well I like to be organised!  

Once we were España-side, we had pre-booked a private transfer with Airport Taxi Transfers. We had used this company in Paris so knew it was a reliable service. Around £70 for a return trip, although taking a train may have been cheaper, having a driver with your name on a clipboard providing a door-to-door service saves time and avoids a whole lot of luggage-lugging.

Accommodation: NH Barcelona Centro 

CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL ENOUGH! We were literally a 3 minute walk from La Rambla. A spotlessly clean, good-sized room with a balcony was just the ticket! Looking out over the rooftops in the morning and being able to watch the sunset to the sound of local church bells was a really nice touch. The breakfast at the hotel was out of this world. I love my food (like, probably too much) so it’s a huge part of any trip that I take. The hotel provided a continental breakfast which was the best I’ve ever had. Breads, pastries, cakes, cold meats, cheeses, tortilla, a build-your-own museli bar, juices, smoothies, yoghurts, fruits, salads and desserts were all on offer. In addition you could also order boiled eggs, fried eggs or omelettes. And no holiday would be complete with a wee glass of fizz in the morning, right? Water, red wine and Cava were on tap. Salut!

Things to Do 

As we arrived at the hotel at about 3pm, we spent the afternoon unpacking and stretching our legs down at the Marina. We had however booked a 9:30pm flamenco show at Tarantos, Barcelona’s oldest flamenco club. Trust me when I say that you NEED to see this show and also that you must to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

The club is small and low ceilinged which provides a really intimate experience. I can honestly say it was the most intense and expressive thing I have every watched in my life. Like, legit couldn’t speak afterwards for sobbing. This coming from someone who’s never cried at a movie (and yep, I’ve seen The Notebook!), YOU NEED TO SEE THIS. And at 15€ it’s an absolute steal.

The next morning we took the metro to go explore the Gaudi church La Basilica Sagrada Familia where we had booked a guided tour. I definitely recommend taking the metro- not only is it a good 40 min walk from La Rambla, but there’s the added bonus of walking up the steps from the platform, turning 180° and being awe-struck by the Cathedral as it towers above you. You can buy a book of 10 single metro tickets for 10,90€, and considering a single ticket on its own is 2,20€, this is definitely worth it. The tickets last for a month so will definitely cover your full trip. Basic entry to Sagrada Familia is 15€ but for an extra 7€ the guided tour is well worth it. Click the link for tickets.

Another interesting thing to do (depending on the day of the week) is to visit the small antiques market at the harbour. It's situated right at the bottom of La Rambla before you cross the bridge onto the Magnum shopping centre. With everything from war memorabilia to art work, jewellery to home-wares, literature to general bric-a-brac on sale most of it is reasonably priced and you may just pick up something quite unique.

Places to Eat

For lunch we grabbed freshly made baguettes form Forns del Pi and some nibbles from supermarket Carrefour Market on La Rambla and enjoyed dining alfresco. Anyone who knows me knows that I drink water by the bucket-load. Five litres of water from the supermarket will cost you 0,49€. We kept one of those bad boys in the hotel room and filled up empty water bottles to carry with us. Probably saved us a good 10€ overall in individual bottles of water.

Also, we dined twice at Les Quinze Nits on Placa Reial (as it happens on the same square as the flamenco club, Tarantos.) Don’t be fooled by it's posh exterior. The food is extremely reasonably priced. Two fish dishes (one salmon, one guilt-head bream), a side of veggies, ½ litre of red wine, water, bread, 2 desserts and a coffee came to a mere 43€. The restaurant belongs to a chain of other restaurants and hotels nearby and the establishments range in theme and price. Would highly recommend Les Quinze Nits for not only the food and the service but also for the location. Placa Reial is a hub of activity and a lovely place to spend the evening eating, drinking and people watching, if La Rambla is a bit too crowded and mainstream for you.


Of course, no city break would be complete without some retail therapy. You literally can’t turn a corner without seeing a Zara or Mango. They’re EVERYWHERE. Other partner stores like Stradivarius, Springfield and Pull & Bear are also pretty popular here, as is H&M and C&A (oh hi there 1995!). There are plenty of little boutiques if you venture down the side streets, and a few bargains can be had in chain stores like Floreciana if you are looking for floaty linen tops and wide legged trousers. The only items I did buy were a pair of handmade copper earrings from the market on La Rambla for 15€, an antique Egyptian cartouche pendant from the antiques market mentioned earlier for 8€ (get haggling at this market!), and a funky faux leather embossed shopper from a quirky store called Ale Hop. It reminded me of Tiger Tiger (or Flying Tiger) with lots of little novelty gifts and accessories.

Other useful things to note

Barcelona gets a bad rap for pick-pockets. Truth be told, every European city has an issue with this, so be vigilant. A cross-body bag which a zip fastening is a must, and I would avoid keeping any valuables in your pockets. Just be sensible, as you would do in any city.

We visited Barcelona over the Easter holidays, and with Spain being a Catholic country, a lot of the big stores were closed on Good Friday. Therefore, if you are visiting during a religious period, keep that in mind if shopping is your thing. However, we did happen upon a religious parade for a midnight mass and it was definitely a highlight of our trip.

In terms of eating and drinking I would generally say to avoid sticking to La Rambla if you can. It’s incredibly busy and is really only good for a quick coffee in my opinion as it’s not exactly a relaxing spot. If you want authentic Spanish paella, definitely avoid here. They tend to be frozen and not freshly prepared. You’ll get a far more authentic meal if you walk a few streets inward. Same goes for gelato and the traditional Catalonian nougat stands. If you’re looking for somewhere picturesque to sit and enjoy a shop-bought baguette, or you just need to rest your feet for a few minutes, then there is a small courtyard in the grounds of the old hospital 'de la Santa Creu' just off Carrer de l’Hospital (off La Rambla). It is a little slice of tranquillity in the city where you can enjoy some peace and quiet among the orange trees. You might even spot a parakeet among the pigeons.

I think that Barcelona is such a great city to visit and just wing it but I hope my little nuggets of info have given you some food for thought should you be visiting soon. And if you haven’t been before…what are you waiting for!? Vamos, vamos!!  

Mimi x

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

The High Fives- March 2018

This month has been all about stimulating the senses. As I drafted a list of what what I've been enjoying this past few weeks I quickly realised that it's mostly been about sparking the imagination and inspiring new ideas. When the weather's a bit naff and a break away somewhere hot isn't on any imminent horizon, a sure fired way to get out of a funk is to enjoy new things or rediscover old favourites. 

   With a busy month of productions going on stage (I choreograph for a living) dining out and indeed dining well has sadly not been a feature. Tupperware dinners and copious gallons of coffee have fuelled the month of March, so despite not being able to give any foodie recommendations, what I can offer you is equally delicious. As you read on, you'll discover that I commuted my way through March to the soundtrack of many a podcast episode and music download. There was a bit of time for retail therapy and some inspiring viewing which has left me longing to go travelling. Enjoy!


I'm always on the hunt for a new series to add to my collection. With an episode roughly lasting 30-45 mins, I can devour a few in one day if I'm commuting a fair bit. I have my faves which I've already introduced you to, but this month I've been loving a couple of newbies. Firstly Fearne Cotton's Happy Place is one which I knew I'd enjoy. Interviewing the likes of Stephen Fry, Paloma Faith and writer Matt Haig they explore life and what happiness looks like for them. Uplifting and insightful, I highly recommend you tune in weekly for a dose of feel good vibes and in depth discussion around mental health issues. 

Find 'Happy Place by Fearne Cotton' here:

Already an avid fan of her other podcast 'The High Low' with fellow journalist Pandora Sykes, I knew Dolly Alderton's 'Love Stories' was going to be a perfect match for my motorway marathons. From first times to heartbreaks, passions to unrequited love each week a new guest divulges the most intimate details of their most defining relationships. Light-hearted yet weighted by some real poignant and topical discussions each episode is a joy from start to finish with a heady mix of vulnerability, wisdom and laugh out loud anecdotes.  

Find 'Love Stories with Dolly Alderton' here:


Photo courtesy of
It's rarity to get some sofa/telly time but when I do I take full advantage and try to take sole ownership of the remote control if at all possible. Hubby and I are guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Netflix struggling to find something we'll both want to watch. Akin to the vultures in The Jungle Book indecisiveness plagues our relationship and we often find ourselves deliberating back and forth, with very little progress being made in terms of making a decision on an array of topics, including what kind of takeaway food to order.   We both enjoy a documentary and feeling like we both needed some pick-me-up viewing, I tuned into episode one of 'The Kindness Diaries'. Relying entirely on the kindness of strangers, former broker Leon Logothesis embarks on an around the world tour in his yellow motorbike, Kindness One. In return for the shelter, food, fuel and friendship he is offered by so many Leon repays the kindness he has been shown in the most extraordinary ways, realising some dreams for his unsuspecting new friends who were only to happy to help a man in need. Episode one was so gripping  we subsequently devoured all 13 episodes in the one sitting! Surely that speaks volumes?! If you want to restore you faith in the human race this is the series for you.  

Check out this trailer for 'The Kindness Diaries' here:

Photo from

Watching this then sparked my interest in world travel (can you tell I'm dire need of a holiday?!) and so the following evening we watched 'Expedition Happiness' on Netflix- a vlog-style account of one couple's adventures travelling in their converted school bus from Alaska to Argentina. Breathtaking scenery, chance encounters and the inevitable set-backs of crossing the globe in a bus, film-maker Felix Starck and his musician girlfriend Mogli both from Berlin, with their very cute dog Rudi in tow, explore the Americas documenting every step of the way. Inspiring viewing indeed! 

Check out their YouTube page:


I was thrilled to discover I'd won an Instagram competition this month with the prize including three gorgeous candles from Isla Candles. With each scent inspired by travel I felt this was very apt following my Netflix-athon of travel documentaries. Born from the founders' memories of their wedding in Mallorca, each fragrance although sourced in Scotland, is reminiscent of their adventures abroad. 

Perfectly packaged and beautifully presented, these candles would make a perfect wedding day scent, a birthday gift or a treat to oneself. Having burned the scent 'Mallorca' I can safely say these handmade with 100% eco soy wax candles are worth investing in for a fresh, inviting home scent. We also love 'Granada'. 

Check out the website for their entire range:

Photo from

Choreographing for a living I listen to A LOT of music in any one day, spanning many decades and from all genres. I tend not to keep abreast of the charts, opting for podcasts rather than the radio on my commutes, mainly to stop me from 'working' as I drive. However one current artist that I've been loving for sometime is Anne-Marie. Her track with Rudimental, featuring Sean Paul 'Rockabye' soared to number one in the charts in 2016 and from then she's enjoyed much success at home in the UK and across the globe, with hits 'Ciao Adios' and 'Alarm'. In a bid to stick to my new year's resolution to enjoy more live music and theatre I jumped at the chance to see her at Glasgow's o2 Academy just last night and she did not disappoint. Her distinct tone, insane resister and unique phrasing matched by her passionate performance is something quite remarkable. Even if her music isn't your cup of tea, the raw talent she possesses both as a performer and song writer is undeniable. Although I prefer the stripped,acoustic back versions of some of her most well-known tracks, the power of her band behind her was impressive. There's nothing quite like live music and Anne-Marie as a force on stage is both captivating and inspiring. 

Here is a link to one of my favourite versions of her track 'Ciao Adios'


If you've been following us on Instagram for some time you'll know I'm partial to a charity shop bargain or two. I love unearthing something super affordable that I feel is the perfect addition to my wardrobe, without the pang of guilt that comes with high street/online shopping. Being self-employed I'm frugal and don't like to splash the cash on myself but with charity shop buying it's practically sin-free with the added bonus of helping support a worthy cause to boot. I mostly have a Friday afternoons free and often find myself perusing the rails of my local shops in the hope of picking up something pretty. Our Instagram family have been appreciating my weekly posts teamed with the hashtag #charityshopfriday and it got me to thinking-what sort of treasure is everyone else discovering in their local thrift/charity shops? So as March comes to a close, we are striding into April in the hope that we can spread the joy that is bargain hunting by asking our followers to share their #charityshopfriday purchases. In addition, I love to see how others piece an outfit together using their wardrobe staples along-with vintage or second-hand items. Don't worry if you bought that £2.50 skirt from The Salvation Army store on Tuesday...just wait until Friday to give us the low down on your weekly finds. With trends coming full circle, if you're someone who likes to keep up with what's 'in' right now you're bound to rummage your way to finding exactly what you are looking for at a fraction of the price. Happy shopping-can't wait to see what you find!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

A Letter to Mum


I wonder if you realised just how all consuming being a mum would be before we came along. I guess for you it was a switch that turned on and never went off again. In the 35 years and 6 months I've been on this planet, you have never taken one day off from being a mum. You live and breathe us and we feel the love you have for us surround us wherever we are and whatever we are going through. If we need anything, and I mean ANYTHING you're right there with it. From sewing a few buttons on something to sorting out my entire life in one phone call, you never fail to offer sound advice, a shoulder to cry on and your absolute undivided attention. Like a hot plate, you'd drop whatever you were doing to be by our side, no questions asked. You are hands down the most kind, selfless, hard-working, positive, caring person I know and my entire life I've only ever wanted to make you proud of me. Your approval and support means everything, for you are the epitome of what a role model is. You have never pressured or coerced us to do or be anything other than who we wanted to be. Even in times of uncertainty, you knew me inside out. You know me better than I know myself. 

 I know that in my lifetime there will never be the time, nor the words to express my gratitude for everything you've ever done for me. No amount of chocolates, flowers or lunch dates could ever repay the unrelenting, unquestionable love you show us every single day. You're my adviser, my cheerleader, my accountant (yup, the job you love the most!), my devil's advocate, my confident but most importantly, my friend. There was a time when I'd think "if I could be half as good a mum as you are, I'd be delighted!". But what really matters now is that I try to be as good a friend to you as you are to me. You don't just hear me, you listen. You don't just know me, you understand and for all of it I thank you for being the best friend I've ever had. 

Love Lisa x

To my friends who are Mums,

I vigorously applaud you, in absolute awe of the daily juggling act you perform, simultaneously handling jobs, homes, kids, partners, friendships, pets and family. I see the struggle and it is real but you each approach it bravely, battling fears and the unknown with absolute grace. The tears, tantrums and endless worries that motherhood presents you face head on, never giving yourself the credit deserved for keeping your head (and your brood) above water. You're all swans. Watching you become a mum has truly been the one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Any self doubt you may have had prior to your bundle of joy arriving was, of course, completely natural but totally unfounded, as you're nailing the role, passing with flying colours. Yeah it's damn hard and there are probably moments (or entire days) where you are questioning everything and nothing seems to be going 'right' but always know that I'm over here in the corner being your biggest cheerleader. My limited knowledge and lack of experience aside, I see how awesome a mum you are (I have one so I know what that looks like!) and as your friend, I will endeavour to remind your wee ones as they grown up that they're incredibly lucky to have you as their mum....even when you're enforcing chores, limiting online time or not allowing them to go to a house party. I got your back girl! 

Each of your stories are different, from conception to birth, first words to big steps and with each milestone I've watched in amazement as you orchestrate the best life possible for your wee yins. The painful, sleep-deprived, cabin-fevered triumphs astound me-how have you not gone crazy?! The love that binds you and your child is palpable, it's oozes from you and it's a love like no other. They take you to the brink, test every fibre of your being and yet, your love never wavers (although your patience might at times). You wipe noses, bums and slates clean,  never holding a grudge,  always looking to make the day better. You are secondary, an after-thought, someone in the background but you're the glue. Remember you are the glue.

 I don't know how you are doing it. Life, that is. I've only got me to worry about. No tiny human is reliant on me turning up and answering to their every whim and yet I find this adulting thing tough. I guess you'd reply to that saying something like, 'You'd be the same. You'd be a great mum' and I'd reply with, 'Nah, I'm not so sure about that'. Truth is. I'm certain I'd try my hardest, as you've shown me it's all worth it. For all the belly-laughs, sleepyheads, high fives and sing-along car journeys you treasure and the many adventures still to come your way, I wish nothing but sheer joy for you and fabulous kids. I consider myself extremely blessed to be on this journey with you all. To share the highs and lows with you is a privilege and I thank you for inviting me in to your world and in to your family as it continues to grow. You are a marvellous mum and I'm proud to call you my friend. 

Lisa x

Mother's Day, in my opinion, should be every day. All mums should be shown the love, respect and gratitude for everything they have done and continue to do for us daily. Who ever you call mum, don't wait to tell them how wonderful they are or how safe or loved they make you feel. You're a grown ass adult now (I'm assuming so if you're reading this) and you spent long enough as a kid taking her for granted, expecting her to be there at your beck and call, never showing her the thanks she deserves for the pleasure of it. Use your words and  your hugs to let her know that everything she does is a real blessing that you'll treasure forever.

Happy Mother's Day. 
Weesse x

Thursday, 1 March 2018

The High Fives- February 2018

I write to you as #thebeastfromtheeast takes hold of Bonnie Scotland. It's a snowy abyss out there and it would seem that we're destined to be held up in our IRL snow globe for a few days, so I thought it best I aim to be a tad productive whilst I can't get to work (which is causing me mild anxiety to say the least!). Looking out in to the winter wonderland before us I can't believe that we're almost in to the month of March. Firstly, the frightful weather is not hinting at an emergence of Spring any time soon but also, once again, I'm arriving at the end of a month flabbergasted that time has flown by in the blink of an eye. Not so much an action-packed month for us, February has mostly been about working and settling into 2018 (whatever that means!). The highlight was Hubby celebrating turning 40, with an epic 13 hour-long house party (yup!) and me proving to be hostess with the mostess- my Wife of the Year award must've got lost in the post....again?!

I won't lie I struggled to concoct a list of favourites/recommendations for February-tut tut February, must do better! However, here's a few titbits you may enjoy as we creep tentatively in to March (praying for blue skies and NO MORE SNOW!). 


Becoming a regular feature in The High Fives, podcasts are literally life savers when it comes to my daily commute. As a freelance artist I travel a fair bit by car and mostly solo. I shouldn't be left alone too long with my over-active, worrier of a brain, so podcasts are an excellent distraction as I make my way to and from my places of work but more than that, they can be so informative and thought-provoking (the good kind of thoughts, that is!). This month I discovered a new firm fave thanks to Erica Davies (fashion editor and Insta-Goddess). How I Built This with Guy Raz offers fascinating insight into the stories of entrepreneurs, idealists and innovators who created some of the world's most well-known, successful brands and companies. From Instagram to Kate Spade, Buzzfeed to Spanx this podcast series is not only incredibly interesting but really quite inspiring as each of the guests recount the highs and the lows they overcame to build their movement. As I'm late to the party, I'm making my way through the back catalogue but honestly, every episode has been worth listening to. Highly recommend! 

When I've not been planning my next empire thanks to How I Built This, I've also been listening to Table Manners with Jessie Ware. I only became aware of singer Jessie Ware on New Year's eve as we faithfully tuned in to Jools Holland Hootenanny. I loved her voice and her style and so, as with everything I see these days, I looked her up on Instagram only then to learn she hosts a podcast with her mum Lennie. Centred around their love of home-cooked food, music and family they invite a guest/s (many a well-known name in there) to join them for a meal and a chat. The mother-daughter rapport is endearing and at times, frankly hilarious. The natural flow of conversation is refreshing, with each episode being very different thanks to the guests they invite over for supper. From Ed Sheeran to Sandi Toksvig, the dinner-table discussions vary greatly but are always a perfect blend of fun and informative in to the lives and careers of some very interesting friends of Jessie's.

AYE WRITE with Ruby Wax

Photo from

Mimi alerted me to this event taking place in Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall this month, knowing that I'd been keen to attend having not long finished Ruby Wax's brilliant book A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled (another recommendation!). I'd heard of Aye Write, Glasgow's book festival but regrettably had never attended, nor any book event for that matter, so I was intrigued to know what an such event would entail. Ruby Wax was just how you'd imagine her to be- incredibly witty, down-to-earth and her knowledge and understanding of the human brain and it's intricacies frankly astounding. Speaking to a packed auditorium, she not only read exerts from her latest book How to Be Human-The Manual, she also took questions from the audience and shed some light on how she decided to reinvent herself after her career as a comedian and presenter came to an end. She walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to mental health issues and we left inspired and enlightened...and with a copy of her new book to boot! As it was on my 2018 TO-DO list to attend more events (and read more!) this was a perfect addition to February. Aye Write runs from 15th-25th March and there's heaps of events for you to pop along to. Check out their website


Birthday celebrations continued in the shape of a quiet meal for two at North Lanarkshire's newest hotspot, The Tipsy Cow in Airdire. I heard some good reviews and wanted to check it our for ourselves. You know I'm a sucker for aesthetics, so I was immediately impressed on arrival at the industrial, quirky decor. Wood, exposed brick, leather and neon sign-age, the space is modern but still has a homely feel to it. 
With friendly, attentive staff we were made to feel welcome and immediately relaxed in to the chilled vibe they've created. I ordered a 'hanging kebab' with flat breads, hummus and fries, whilst Hubby splashed out with a ribeye steak with all the trimmings and we both devoured our meals. A step from pub grub, this trendy venue offers a Market Bar, Brasserie, pre-Theatre and Gluten free menus. From afternoon tea to a Sunday roast, it's the ideal place for a catch up meal with friends or family. I'm already planning a re-visit to try out their breakfast menu!

Mimi and I also ventured to Mezzidakia on St Vincent Street in Glasgow for a pre-Aye Write festival munch. Frequenters of our local Greek restaurant, Omorphia Taverna in Bellshill (where the food takes some beating) and huge fans of Meze Meze in Edinburgh, we're accustomed to seriously tasty, authentic Greek food. Sister restaurant to city centre favourite Topolabamba, Mezzidakia seemed like a safe bet. 
Once again, on first impressions the decor is a winning factor. I don't know what it is about brickwork, candles and rope but I freaking love the stuff! Thankfully the food was as equally impressive. We ordered a few small dishes (meze) to share and each had a Bukharon falafel kebab which was delicious. If you're in the mood for a trying something new, meze is the perfect way to dine with friends. We'll definitely return to Mezzidakia and would recommend the falafel! 

Made Up at Blush Beauty

On the handful of occasions I've been lucky enough to have my make-up applied professionally it's been for a photo-shoot with a particular look in mind and not necessarily what I would have chosen for everyday wear. Donna Nelson of Blush Beauty based in North Lanarkshire has been our beautician for a number of years but never have I treated myself to her outstanding make-up artistry, always opting for a facial or gel manicure. Christmas vouchers from my dear friends were crying out to be exchanged for the many wonderful services Donna offers but on this occasion I decided it was time to have Donna work her magic and Hubby's 40th gathering seemed the perfect event. 

Donna took the time to ask what I was looking for, what I was wearing and gave suggestions for the overall look she was creating. As ever, I was made to feel totally at ease as she worked her magic and boy, did she make me feel like a million dollars! My finished look was exactly right for my colouring, the event and my style-she got it spot on. If you're attending a special event this year, be sure to have your make-up applied by Donna. She's the best in the business and a lovely, friendly gal to boot! Can't wait until next time! Blush Beauty Facebook page:

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Have you got a book that you'll read time and time again? A book that when you finished it you felt a pang of sadness as you absorbed the last line? Caitlin Moran's How To be A Woman is that very one for me. I can't believe I hadn't read it before now but like so many others, it's been gathering dust on my bookshelf for long and weary. Described on the back cover as "part memoir, part rant" this blow by blow account of how a 13 year old girl navigated the weird and soften cruel roller-coaster of womanhood is spectacular. Periods, love, bras, sexism and abortion thrown in for a heavy dose of reality, with every issue it's like she's speaking to's like she is you and when she's not being you, she's your mate....only way more cool! The writing is flawless and it speaks to you and your 13 year old self like no one ever could. And yes, I did pick it up in a charity shop for £1! 

And there you have it....February's High Fives. Enjoy discovering some new faves and if you're in the North Lanarkshire area, I'll see you at The Tipsy Cow for brunch....just as soon as this snow stops!!

Over and out,

Weesse x