Monday, 23 October 2017

Buying 'Deid People's Clothes' and other Bargains

Click bait title I know, but that's literally what my husband likes to call my charity shop treasure.....much to my dismay as one might imagine! He always takes great pleasure in grimacing to wind me up, denouncing my bargain finds as if they were actually clothing the previous owner as they kicked the bucket! Needless to say it never puts me off! I've always loved a rummage in second hand stores, whether it be for china tea sets (a business venture I didn't end up pursuing) or a wee hidden gem to add to my wardrobe but recently I've really gotten back in to it in a big way. I don't shop much for myself (the joys of being self-employed and careful with my dosh!) but when I received some birthday money last month I decided it was time to go shopping for some Autumn/Winter pieces. Uninspired by the high street, I took to the charity shops and boy, they did not disappoint. 

Having recently donated two lovely winter coats (which I'd simply fallen out of love with) to my local charity shop in a mass clear out session, I was in search of a warm but stylish coat or jacket to fill that seasonal must-have-shaped hole in my wardrobe. Following a Pinterest-athon I had it firm in my mind that I was in the market for a tweed or checked monochrome piece. Low and behold one Saturday morning on the way to the bank, a quick nip into our local The Salvation Army store resulted in the purchase of not one but TWO stunning coats. The first find was this brand new Tesco black and white checked single-breasted coat (currently in store at £39!) that I'd actually nearly bought the previous day at full price. I love it as it's got that smart/casual thing going on. It can be dressed up but also works well with my skinny jeans and Converse. Result!

On my way to the till, I spied another long-line coat from Principles and just had to have it.This pure wool coat will be perfect for our trip to Paris in November-stylish but warm! Both coats came to the grand total of £20!! Both in great condition and both very on-trend. The charity-shop challenge had begun...what else could I find?!!

Often it can just be your pot luck as to whether you come across something you really like and you do have to be prepared to trawl through those rails. A trip to Morningside Road in Edinburgh, where I was convinced I'd bag myself several bargains from the array of charity shops on offer, proved to be a flop with not one single purchase made. So I now try not to have any expectations when I venture out on a second-hand shopping spree. Another trick is not to hunt for something very specific, as chances are you won't find it. My search for a pleated metallic knee-length skirt goes on, however, in the interim I did find this brand-new grey pleated skirt (originally from Primark) for £3. Not metallic sadly, but still a good find which will go well with my both my new winter coats. And at three quid I can still afford that gold or silver skirt when I find it.....which I will!!

For sometime I've been on the lookout for some slogan tees. Instagram is awash with some seriously cool chicks wearing t-shirts brandishing all manner of statements and sayings that add a little more personality to an outfit. Teamed with a pleather skirt and heels it makes for an uber stylish Saturday brunch 'I'm not trying too hard-but I kinda did' vibe. An early finish on a Friday saw me in Stirling town centre (which has an abundance of charity shops!) in search of a bargain or two. This Topshop beaut was only £3 and as I'd found it actually on a Friday, I felt the universe was telling me it was meant to be!  

Additional bargains have included a Zara khaki denim shirt (yes, the paint splatterings are part of the design Dad!) for £1.99 and a leopard-print blouse and mustard fine-knit jumper, both from H&M and both only £3 each. You can't argue with that! 

I'm thrilled with every single piece and know I'll get heaps of wear out of them this Autumn/Winter. Bargains they may be but like with every purchase I make, I ensured each item was in good condition and fitted me before committing to a sale-after all, I don't want to add more stuff I'm not going to wear to my collection when I literally just had a clear-out! You can't beat the thrill of finding a hidden gem and unearthing something that not everyone and their granny is sporting right now. If you have an eye for piecing things together and are willing to experiment with your style you never know what you'll come across in those rails. I'll be sure to keep you all posted on my charity shop adventures. I love being able to support so many wonderful charities and breathe life back in to clothes that someone has fallen out of love with. I actively encourage you to go check out your local charity shops-it's amazing what you can uncover and you'll be helping the planet and a worthy cause in the process! 

Happy rummaging! 

Weesse x

Monday, 4 September 2017

The High Fives August 2017

If you've been keeping up to date with The High Fives you'll have gathered that I land on the end of each month totally bamboozled as to how we got there so quickly. Blink and you miss it (life, that is!), so I particularly enjoy taking the opportunity to reflect on the month's highlights, recalling fun moments with friends and family, new-found faves and the buzz of discovering something quite special that I then can share with you lovely lot! So without further's August in 5!


August saw Mimi and I take some needed time out, migrating to sunnier climates. On holidays abroad I always require a book to accompany my afternoon balcony chill-out sessions (whilst hubby takes his siesta). When it comes to reading, I tend to opt for non-fiction, biographies and alike and if you can throw in some life-hacks or some inspirational and motivational stories, I'm there with bells on! My dear friend Linzi had been recommending Matt Haig's Reasons to Stay Alive for sometime and having heard an interview with him on a podcast I listen to regularly, I was really keen to read it. The cover, adorned with quotes of admiration from so many well-known respected public figures, gives you the sense that you may be about to read something quite special and indeed, I found the book to be outstanding in so many ways. Such an incredibly open, honest account of his mental health issues, Matt Haig speaks to you, whoever you are, whatever you're dealing with and reminds us that ultimately we all have mental health which we must be tuned in to and treat with the utmost care. He speaks from experience and although his may be unique to him, the resounding message is that there is always light where there is shade and depression, anxiety and similar illnesses are treatable. His wit and the humanity permeating his writing  helps the reader to digest and relate to what can be, for some, still is a taboo subject. Chapters appear in list form at points, with bite-sized chunks giving you food for thought, helping to put you right there with him. He writes in a way that you feel you are reading a friend or a family member's story, in their words which you can connect with wholeheartedly. Matt Haig's zest for life and the gratitude he has to be living and not just existing is palpable and something to be greatly admired. Everyone should read this book....yes, even you!  

2. EAT

 A trip to the Edinburgh Fringe would not be complete without some seriously good grub and boy did we feast on some tasty treats?!! Meze Meze on Rose Street Edinburgh is a must-go...must-eat-EVERYTHING! Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine, the tapas-style dining (although the portions were incredibly generous!) allows you to try a number of dishes, perhaps brave something new and also, share with others (yes, I said share!). Halloumi, falafel, hummus, calamari....everything was fresh, flavoursome and filling. We literally had to be rolled out of there! Don't even get us started on the desserts! Opting for the pre-theatre menu which was awesome value for money, we found the restaurant small but perfectly formed, with an informal, friendly atmosphere that we were more than comfortable with. Can't wait to go back....and we won't be waiting until next years festival, that's for sure! 

Psst. If you're in Glasgow, why not try Maggie's Buns (no, I'm not alluding to anything remotely dodgy!), Maggie Mays' new burger joint?! Tasty grub, cool decor, live music and in the city centre. Boom. Done! 


Photo from Twitter
I'm not much of a telly buff. I'll rarely make an effort to tune in to a programme regularly or series-link something-I'm more of a Netflix viewer and even at that, I'm fickle in my loyalty to anything that requires more than one sitting. However Channel 4's Craft It Yourself came along this month and it converted me-I was hooked! Upcycling, DIYing and crafting have always fascinated but slightly terrified me. Fear of royally screwing up a piece of furniture or super-gluing my index fingers together, I've shied away from attempting anything (apart from painting and glossing the skirting boards) that may require manual labour, apparatus and well, a certain level of skill (or maybe just patience?!). That is, until now! The bug has most definitely bitten and I'm mad on transforming and creating home ware bits and bobs. Craft It Yourself not only inspired me to give-it-a-go but gave practical, handy tips for mini-makes, as well as more involved projects. Transforming one room each week, working with a different theme, the 3 presenters made a variety of pieces demonstrating a number of skills and techniques which didn't all seem so specialised that you couldn't at least try your hand at it. Sadly the series is now finished but you're be able to get it on catch-up so go check it out! Definitely worth doing if you're looking to get crafty and need some inspo other than Pinterest. 


If you haven't quite jumped on the podcast bandwagon as yet, you must subscribe to BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs. Originally created in 1942, this popular radio series, now hosted by Kirsty Young invites each 'castaway' to select 8 tracks they would take with them to their desert island. Famous footballers to actors, musicians to fashion moguls, the stories that surround each track chosen are truly fascinating. Kirsty Young is a wonderful interviewer and I'd be hard pushed to pick out a favourite guest, as there are so many I've listened to that I have loved, not only for their music choices but for the tales they've so brilliantly told. Music has a real power to evoke feeling and to spark memories for us all and with every selection, there is an opportunity to learn more about each guest as a person, rather than the personality we already know. A perfect driving companion, this series is a firm fave and with over 3000 episodes I've got plenty of commuting time left to continue my love affair. 


Some days things are just okay and other days...Glasgow gets an H&M Home!!!! Oh my giddy aunt was I excited when I heard that, finally, beautiful home ware would be adorning Buchanan Street?!! A visit to the new (mahoosive) store quickly confirmed what I already knew to be true....I NEED EVERYTHING! Honestly, I moved from one god damn gorgeous aisle to the next, loving every single item. I managed to restrain myself to a modest purchasing of just 4 cushion covers but that was merely a warm-up for the up and coming spend-athon that will inevitably ensue when we finally decide what room we are decorating next. Affordable, stylish and decent quality pieces for all corners of your humble abode, H&M Home Glasgow is well worth a look...just don't buy everything...leave some for me please!

And just like that August was over. Hoping September has lots of goodies in store!

Thanks for reading...hope you found something you like!

Until next time,

Weesse x

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The High Fives- July 2017

C'mon, own up! Who stole July from right under my nose?! I swear it was just the 1st of the month and now it's gone...bonkers!

I've had such a busy month (I'm always saying that, eh?!) and haven't quite had the time to discover as many new found faves as I would have liked but I do still have a couple of gems for you to peruse! As I'm prone to doing from time to time, my focus switched over momentarily to home decor (and crafting!) and away from beauty and fashion In July but you can bet I'll be back in style mode come August when I'm going on holiday! That's just how I roll! Anywho, here's my July High Fives....

Fan-Girling over....

Instagram home decor/interior pages have been my jam this month. Man alive, there's so many good 'ins on my radar! I love seeing how other folks piece things together and what colour schemes they use throughout their homes. I love me a hack or a bargain find so I've trawling Instagram non-stop recently and boy, am I itching to get decorating again?!! If you're looking for inspo for your humble abode be sure to check out Violet and Thistle, My Home Impression, Lucy J Whitehouse, Theresa Gromski, Malmo and Moss, and On a Wing and a Chair

Get Listening to....

As I'm a big advocate of podcast listening, I feel it's only right I continue the theme and recommend at least one new one that I've discovered each month. Although there's only been one episode realised thus far, I'm  waiting with great anticipation for more of popular Youtuber beauty and lifestyle guru, Estee Lalonde's recent release, THE HEART OF IT WITH ESTEE LALONDE. In this pilot episode she discusses her first experience of protesting at  as a young person living in Canada and what standing up for what you believe in means to her now as a woman. A very open, honest and thought-provoking account of getting to grips with what is important to you, respecting others' views and how you can make a difference in the world. Give this a whirl for sure! 

Quids in with....

Never one to turn down the opportunity to nab a bargain, I've been loving using Quidco this month. Offering cashback on 1000s of online retailers, it's the UK's top cashback site.  Mimi uses it for many of her on-line purchases but annoyingly there's been so many times I've just clean forgotten to check for Quidco before buying something. It's simple to use and although you don't always receive the money immediately you will, of course, eventually (I got a little surprise of £41 back from purchases I made earlier in the year when I signed back into my account the other day). 34% cashback from my airport parking? Eh, yes please! There's an app and it's super easy to use! Go on, start saving some dosh! 

Fill up at....

Hubby and I decided to check out Big Feed a few weeks back to see what all the fuss was about. Attracting a lot of interest since it started earlier in the year, this street food social held in a warehouse in Govan offers live music and a variety of food vendors serving up all sorts of yumminess, from seafood to burgers, mac 'n' cheese to cupcakes. I opted for fish tacos and Rob a burrito and they were delish. It's such a cool concept and with fairy-lights, mismatched furniture and boardgames there's a relaxed, fun-for-all vibe which we really enjoyed. Highly recommend to anyone looking for grub and somewhere new to hang out on a weekend! 

Just Because....

On a visit to Princes Square in Glasgow city centre, I was lucky to grab myself (and Mimi and mum) a gorgeous bottle of Jo Malone Basil and Neroli. I say 'grab' as I literally did....using one of those grab machines you get at the arcades! As part of their Just Because campaign, this giveaway grab machine was visiting the Glasgow store that weekend and we were lucky enough to win ourselves this stunning scent. Having been a loyal Pomegranate Noir gal, I'm delighted to say that I have found another love in this lighter, fresher scent. Always nice to find a new perfume..especially when you win it! 

Happy August peeps! See you real soon!
Weesse x

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Gettin' Crafty With It!

Did you read the title of this post and immediately start singing 'Na na na na na na-na!'? If not, well then you've disappointed me greatly in your failure to spot the Will Smith reference but hey, I'll forgive ya if you keep on reading! After all, this post has hee-haw (Nada, zilch, nothing) to do with Will Smith and EVERYTHING to do with DIYing or up-cycling, as I prefer to call it!  What do I do with some time off I hear you ask? Take a chill pill, perhaps? Sit the hell down? Watch trashy telly like any normal human does? Nope, not this maniac-I get crafty! Well, not every time I have a spare hour I hasten to add but this week, I decided to get a little creative at home after some Pinterest inspo searching (if you don't know what this it IMMEDIATELY!! You can thank me later!). I've never considered myself the arty type..that was always Mimi but the idea that you can re-make something by adding (or subtracting) to it feels way more achievable that starting with a blank canvas and raw materials.

After my Pinterest-athon I realised I had a real notion for pom-poms....yup, you read correctly...POM-POMS! I'd pinned a few photos of summer straw bags with cute and colourful pom-poms attached and thought 'I could make that!'. Cue a holiday souvenir from Mimi from her recent trip to Spain in the shape of a gorgeous little straw clutch bag and I was ready to rock, armed with 180 pom-poms from Poundland (you'll later realise that 180 wasn't enough). Hubby willingly handed over his glue-gun (which he is now subsequently regretting) and I got to work. 15 minutes later et voila, the perfect summer accessory which you won't see anywhere else. That's what I love about up-cycling-you're making a one-off that can't be bought on the high street. A personal touch goes along way in defining your style. 

TIPS: You may be able to tell from the photo that the glue can be a tad tricky to work with-it gets very stringy, so best to have newspaper underneath it to project your surface and also a pair of scissors to cut the shoe-lace effect when applying. 
 I applied the glue to each pom-pom individually then placed it exactly where I wanted it on the bag. This meant if I went overboard with the glue I had another 179 pom-poms to choose from, rather than messing up the bag itself! Also, before gluing anything, I arranged the pom-poms on the bag to decide on the colour arrangement liked best and also to know how many I needed to use. 

An evening of crafting sent me into an up-cycling frenzy! Determined to use all 180 pom-poms (Only joking....nawt!) I then attempted a home decor pin I'd added to my Pinterest board. I've been meaning to change the ugly artificial flowers we had in this vase for ages, so I de-flowered the stem (sounds rude!) and glued little pom-poms along it to create a fun, more modern look for the office/spare room. Love it! 
  I then did the same with a set of battery-operated white lights (also from Poundland) to drape along our picture shelf. This room is decorated grey and white so a little pop of colour was definitely needed. 

TIPS: These would be perfect in a kid's room. Painting/spraying the stem white (Or you could use real twigs if you preferred) and attaching brightly coloured or pastel pom-poms would be so cute in a nursery or play-room. Hobbycraft sell a variety of colours all individually bagged if you're keen on a certain colour combo. The lights could be draped/wrapped around along a curtain pole or put inside a clear vase for decoration. 

Just when hubby was about to forcefully remove the glue-gun from my grip, I had an epiphany (well that's what I'm calling it. He'd say it was more pom-pom withdrawl)- the lonely cushion on our office couch was now looking rather sad in comparison to the newly-styled picture shelf above it. A rummage in the kitchen draw for a needle and thread and an hour later (I'm rubbish at sewing!) we had the perfect addition to our cute little grey sofa!

TIPS: Mark your cushion with a pen (or dressmakers pencil/chalk if you have it) where you want the pom-poms to go. Alternatively, pin them in place prior to sewing-that way you can ensure you're spreading them evenly and again, in your chosen colour combination.  

For fear of being banished from the house or sent to the doctors for EPPUD (Excessive Pom-Pom Use Disorder), I deemed it best to step away (begrudgingly) from my colourful little fluffy friends and tackle another up-cycle job I'd been planning to do. I think frames can make or break a photo or print and although I'm not one for spending heaps of cash on art or having my holiday snaps professionally framed, I do prefer to display them one step up from under a fridge magnet. 

 Our friend Linzi had the loveliest poster made for Mimi and I a few years back when we uploaded our track, 'Christmas Cupcake' on to iTunes (yup, check it out here!) I'd ashamedly housed it in a dilapidated off-white old Ikea frame, promising myself I'd get something more suitable. With a paint brush in hand and the left-over paint from last week's up-cycling of the Man Cave, I got to work this morning on bringing the frame back to life and boy, did it do the trick! A couple of coats later, this beautiful keepsake has taken pride of place on the picture shelf on the office and completes the overhaul of the space perfectly. 

TIPS: Be sure to use paint suitable for wood. If you're painting something small, buy a tester pot from your local DIY shop. Homebase have heaps to choose from. They're usually under £3 each so no need to splurge a giant tin. 

Lastly, following on from my recent #gardengoals escapades (where I've been trying to improve our back garden on a budget), I had some rope/twine left-over from stringing up solar light-bulbs (also from Poundland) on our shed. Glue-gun in hand I got to work on a old plant pot I found under the sink. The inspiration for this up-cycle came from a trip to our local (out-of-this-world!) garden centre, SilverbirchI can't actually believe I'm letting you in on this treasure-trove of all things beautiful. Honestly, this is no ordinary garden centre...all I say is, you're welcome! 
 So, I digress....on a recent visit I'd picked up a cute little rope-detail plant pot and thought, 'ah ha!' I have the very thing at home. Not sure where it's eventually going to live or what it'll house within it, but I like that I have breathed new life into this little abandoned pot. 

Up-cycled pot on the left
(ugly artificial flowers above!)

TIPS: I found it easiest to glue the end of the rope at the bottom of the pot, winding up to the top, securing it with a blob of glue, ideally in line with where you first started the rope (means you can hind this at the back when displaying it). I then added more glue along the edge of the rope underneath the pot to ensure it doesn't unravel and fall a part. 

And that's it for now peeps. Hope this inspires you to give up-cycling a go. I know to some this may seem tame in comparison to some of the jobs folks undertake on furniture and the likes, but to me the little additions/tweaks made to the pieces I already had kicking about have made a real difference to the spaces they now reside in. It's also given me a boost of confidence in knowing I can produce something of worth with minimal time and effort, as neither of those I have in abundance when it comes to DIY. I'll be sure to keep you posted on any future 'projects' I undertake but for now, I think it best that I step away from the glue-gun for a bit before Hubby has to have it surgically removed!

Happy over-hauling peeps!

Weesse x 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

The High Fives- June 2017

Another month has zoomed by and it's felt like there's been no time at all to find some new firm faves since proclaiming my undying love (well, maybe not as dramatic as all that but you get the drift, right?!) for a select few tit-bits in May . However, luckily I've been keeping note (thanks to my iPhone) of anything that's been floating my boat in the month of June and have concocted a small but perfectly formed list of good 'uns for you to check out. Shhhhhh don't tell anyone but there's more than five ( well 'the high seven' doesn't rhyme does it?!)!!! 

1. Fan Girling over..... 

If you love losing yourself in an Instagram/Youtube induced stupor of seriously chic styling and perfectly poised flat-lays look no further than Karen Britchick (for fashion advice and vintage-meets-high-street-meets-high-end styling) and Song of Style (for fashion and interior inspo). Oh my days! These women know how do things beautifully! I particularly love Karen Britchick's enthusiasm when discussing style- her passion for fashion is infectious and her ability to dream-team pieces together from her wardrobe is fascinating! Aimee Song's home has decor to die for and her personal style nails that effortless chic vibe we all crave for. All I can say're welcome! 


Photo from

2. Beauty Spot

 This month I went back to using a tinted body lotion and I have to say I'm perturbed as to why I ever bothered with all the faff (and mess!) of fake tanning. Aside from my cheerleader days, when I needed my torso to resemble that of a creosoted garden shed, a little boost of colour is all I've ever strived for. Garnier Summer Body is my new best friend when it comes to getting that fast, fuss-free glow we all want when the weather starts to pick up and the pins come out to play! It smells of apricots and develops in a matter of hours (I put it on after showering just before bed). Streak-free (just remember to wash your palms after applying) and a healthy glow achieved with minimal effort- SUNsational. See what I did there???!!!.....ah, never mind! 

I've also re-discovered the awesomeness that is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil. I'm lazy when it comes to skincare so even though this permanently resides in my bedside cabinet, I hadn't been using it for a good few months and I can honestly see a difference in my skin from regularly treating it to some pre-snooze care. The lavender scent is a perfect bedtime accompaniment and as it seeps straight in to the skin, you're not left with a sticky or wet residue which always puts me off any lotions and potions (CANNOT do hand-cream that lingers on the surface. Yuck!). I have noticed that it helps to balance out my complexion which is a biggy for me-I have uneven skin tone which I loathe, which I feel I then need to correct with make-up (even on days where I'm trying to go minimal on my look). I like the idea of something working on my skin as I sleep. As I wear make-up practically every day in life, it's not given much a chance to recover other than when I'm in the land of nod. A bit on the pricey side but if you're in the market for a skin oil I'd highly recommend this. 

3. Get listening to.....

Photo from

'At Home With....' is a new podcast by popular Blogger and Youtuber besties Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit. Interviewing influential women from the worlds of beauty, fashion and social media about everything from their work to wardrobe, interiors to inspirations, this podcast is a light-hearted, yet informative and interesting insight in to the lives of business women who are doing what they love and loving what they do. A perfect commute companion! 

4. 'Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper.....trainers?!'

Picked these beauts in Primark for a whopping £3 (originally £8) and I'm loving them! A little up-grade from they usual white or black canvas casual look, a little touch of metallic adds more of a styled, slightly dressier edge to any outfit. I love me some rose gold/copper accessories so these were a no-brainer purchase at such a bargain price! Super comfy and an excellent dupe to the all-the-rage Converse All Stars (which I have and still haven't worn for fear of dirtying them!), these have been a June highlight for sure! 

5. Garden Goals

I am not green-fingered in any shape or form but when the sun decides to make an appearance (never for any length of time, of course!), I like to be able to sit out and enjoy it in somewhat presentable, appealing surroundings. First stop in achieving garden goals was painting one of our sheds (we also have a Man Cave!) a nicer colour. B&M Bargains stock an array of brands but I opted for Cuprinol Garden Shades in the colour Willow. An afternoon of Spotify, a big paint bush and two coats later the shed was looking brand new and more chic than shabby! I plan to paint our other shed another colour from the range, possibly Muted Clay

 In a bid to spruce up the seating area, after a Pinterest-athon for ideas, I picked up these fantastic solar lightbulbs from Poundland (please don't do the joke where you ask 'how much were they?'! That's hubby's favourite thing to do when we're in there!), strung them up using rope from The Range and et voilĂ , ambient lighting for an evening on the patio. Cheap and definitely cheerful!  

And there you have it, June's best bits. Hope there's something in there for you to enjoy! Thanks for the support as always and see you July! 

Weesse x  

Monday, 22 May 2017

Girl, put your records on.....

Music has always played such an important role in both our lives. Our dad is a guitarist, our mum a huge music fan and we both danced, played guitar and sang from an early age. Music has the power to allow you to escape, often back to happy times where you can reminisce about the adventures and milestones you've enjoyed along the way! It can also help you to dream bigger, push you towards your goals and sometimes it can remind us of the things we wish we could forget. There have been so many studies proving that music helps those suffering from the likes of Alzheimer's and Dementia to recall long-forgotten memories and improve quality of life through singing and enjoying music. 

A few years back I bought a Crosley record player and dug out my old vinyl collection. Listening to those albums instantly transported me back in time to my bedroom when I was a kid. I spent hours listening to my favourite pop-stars and bands, singing along and making up dance routines.  I recently read What Olivia Did's piece, 'Soundtrack to My Life' (I'm also a big fan of the BBC's Desert Island Discs podcast series) and it made me think of the songs that I would consider my soundtrack and the artists who have influenced my personal life, as well as my work as a choreographer. And eh voilĂ , here's my list thus far.....

Child's Play- 'I Love your Smile' Shanice. 
I adored this song when I was 9 years old. The hook was just so catchy! It reminds me of Sunday's spent by my HiFi in my bedroom listening to the charts on the radio. 

First Timer- 'Run to You' Bryan Adams 
The first concert I ever went to was Bryan Adams, Waking Up the Neighbours Tour with my dad. It was at Celtic Park on the 11th July 1992 and I'll never forget it. I became a huge fan, so much so my mum invited him to my 18th birthday party (no, sadly he couldn't make it!). There's not a song of his I don't like but if I were to choose a favourite it would have to be 'Run to You'. Rob and I danced to the song 'When You love Someone' at our wedding so that's another one I love hearing. 

Guilty pleasure- 'Bits & Pieces' Artemesia
I was never in to dance music growing up- I much preferred R&B and chart music when it came to dance-floor faves but I've always absolutely loved this! It just makes me want to jump up and down! I can't stay still when I hear it. I now use it as warm up track in classes!

Let the Good Times Roll- 'You can Do It' Ice Cube 
This takes me back to Thursday nights at Blanket when I was a student. I'd drive me and the girls in to town and we'd go to the club with the sole intention of dancing all night long. The music was amazing and we had such a great time together.

The Mamas and The Papas -

'Fast Car' Tracy Chapman 
Any time I hear this song I think of our mum. Sunday night was hair washing night was I was a kid (I had extremely long hair which was washed, dried and subsequently pleated for the week ahead at school). It would be just us 3 girls at home so mum would play her favourite albums. London's Burning would be on TV and you'd get the Sunday night back-to-school blues when you heard the opening theme song. 

'Born in the U.S.A' Bruce Springsteen 
Our dad is a big time fan of The Boss so any track of his tends to make me think of him but this reminds me of a T-shirt he brought back for me from a concert when I was only little. I wish I could find it as it was pretty cool- it would be classed as vintage now I reckon.  

Ma Jam- 'P.Y.T' Michael Jackson
I have been a huge MJ fan my entire life. He was such a hero of mine and so any track of his is bound to get my groovin' but whenever I hear the opening bars of this it just takes over my whole body. It was from the album Thriller which I still have on vinyl!

Love of My Life - 'Groove is in the Heart' Deee-Lite
My hubby Rob knows all the words to this- it's a real favourite of his so when I hear it I can't help but smile as I think of him singing it. It's just a cool track that makes you want boogie! 

Karaoke Queen- 'Don't Speak' No Doubt
When Rob and I started dating we'd go to the local pub on a Sunday night for karaoke. I had a few songs that I'd do every week and this was one of them. I've always loved Gwen Stefani- she's just one cool lady and that song just reminds me of being young falling in love for the first time.  

Farewell Fanfare-  'You've Got A Friend' James Taylor
Probably my favourite song of all time! We actually sang it as part of our wedding ceremony so I guess it would be fitting to play it as I take my final bow. It's just beautiful and I'd hope it would remind the special people in my life how much I loved them. 

I have waaaaay more favourites but I feel that's a decent selection for now. Has that made you think of what you'd put on your list or has it encouraged you to look up the tracks and have a little boogie to yourself? Go on, be honest....we won't tell anyone! 

Happy listening,
Weesse x